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auto reconnect/disconnect

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How do you want to disconnect ? or Why

you could run a ipconfig /release this will release your ipnumber and will disconnect your session with your lan.

Hey Emiel

I need to change my dynamic ip # every ## minutes and the easiest way is to keep disconnecting and reconnecting automatically based on a timer so i don't have to do it manually. I need this so i can use it with file sharing websites for auto downloading files (using another prog) and bypassing the waiting time limit (which is based on IP numbers). So all I need is to change IP every ## minutes.

Thank you I really appreciate

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ahh i hate routers...we got one too >< yeah...probably RapidShare.com right? you can only change your static IP which...most things DONT go by...if they have...and they can...get your INTERNAL IP/ACTUAL IP...that only your ISP (internet service provider) can change...


Different Explanination:

Your Internal/Actual IP Most/All Websites Have Access To...You Cannot Stop This.

You CANNOT Change Your Internal/Actual IP Address Unless Talking With Your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Your Computer ALWAYS Has A Static IP...Which You Can Change...If You Unplug Your Modem/Router And Plug It Back In...WHAM New STATIC IP...But...Websites Track You By Your Actual IP That You Cannot Change Unless Talking With Your ISP. So...This Program Is Useless.

While 1



send("ipconfig iprelease")


Send("ipconfig renew")


that should work...just change the "ipconfig" and stuff to match your cmd prompt

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I don't know what service you use but Time Warner gives you a "public" address that never changes, no matter how many times you unplug your router or renew your router's ip.

You need to be careful with the terminology you are using. If you can unplug your modem and get a new ip address, the word "static" should never come into play. You may be able to pick up a new public or private address depending on how your service operates. I have seen some providers (Comwavz for instance) put all of their customers behind a firewall so your outside ip is the same as everyone elses and thusly defeating the purpose of renewing.

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