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FileReadLine Limit 65534 characters?

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I was looking to write a program to extract text from an html file. There are some unusually long lines in most html files that are downloaded using "InetGet" however when I use the "FileReadLine" function, it only seems to grab a maximum of 65534 characters.

Is this a limitation of this function?

Any help would be appreciated,



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Just a side note, you can't split a string by more than one character (@CRLF is 2), I usually use something like this:

; use  $x=File2Array("c:\mytempfile.html")
; returns $x as an array.
; by ScriptKitty
func file2array($filename)
$_file=StringReplace($_file,@lf,@cr); make all @lf into @cr
$_file=StringReplace($_file,@cr&@cr,@cr); remove extras you made from @CRLFs
$_file=StringSplit($file,@cr); splits by @cr character
return $_file

I usually do it in two lines, but this explains it a bit more. Web documents are written in many forms, and some use @cr, some @lf, and some @crlf. This splits them all pretty well.

Edited by scriptkitty

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Thanks for all the help. I also went looking in the library reference and found the "_FileReadToArray" function which also may be of help to noobs like me.:">

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