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ListView question

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hello world,

is it possible to manipulate a column (not a row) in a listview ?

e.g. highlighting the column, changing background or font color of the column, displaying a border, incl. header ?

i just want a certain column to be displayed differently to the others in any possible way.

thank you



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Yea, how dare we, give you no answer in 4 hours! :)

Proper textbook method would be to draw the listview yourself. Yes, you'd have to draw whole of it, to make this change you want. It's not as bad as it may sound though. Read MSDN or search forum for "ownerdrawn" listview, may find some ready examples. I think I posted one somewhere some time ago (or maybe it was for listbox/treeview... still, it would be very reuseful, with only some changes necessary).

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