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Diana (Cda)

Context menu script to launch + wait while several apps run?

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I've not had my computer at home up and running for some time. But glad to say that I'm back in business and currently scanning my computer to see if any of the malware is left after an OS wipe/reinstall. Which brings me to my question as I'm not sure how to approach the problem. I've kept my computer clean until this latest problem by practicing relatively safe hex. I've known that I needed to do more but didn't quite know what to do beyond running more scans on anything. I now know what I'd like and must do.

Since a bogus abandonware freeware came through clean in both the scanners I use regularly (AVG av and AVG anti-spyware) yet wreaked a bunch of havoc, I would like to run more than these 2 scanners. But rather than running them so manually as these, would like to script something so that I can run 5 or 6 apps, or whatever, on anything by just one mouse click on a context menu item. The context menu item is a no-brainer. I'm just wondering how to approach the script so that it waits till one process is finished before starting next anti-malware, etc., app.

Also, though I know how to launch an app via a AI script that I then put into a context menu item, how to have said app scan _just_ the item it was run from and not the entire drive, etc.? Is this even possible for AI to figure out? So that along with AI detecting when one process is finished before starting the next in the lineup would make life a lot easier. Would I use something along the lines of a simple:

If Not ProcessExists("*.exe") Then Run("*.exe", "", @SW_SHOW)

I wonder?

At any rate, the malware war just became scarier for me as its the first time such a major attack was launched by one item that came through clean even with latest signature files for my security apps. So stepping up my scanning habits should be a big help.

Thanks! :)

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Hi Diana,

From what I understand checking if the process exists should work for queing the scanning programs.

To get the programs to scan the selected directory or file, search for command line options in the

programs help file to see if they support scanning individual Files/Directories.

And finally to launch your script and parse the current File/Directory you might be able to use something in

MHz's CMenu


There are options in there that have to do what you are talking about like Execute with parameters, Path to clipboard etc.

So once you can determine what the selected File/Directory is then you could run the app with those parameters.

Hope this helps!

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