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IE help please.

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how can i put a hyper link under a number in IE that will activate another script?

here is the first scipt:

it creates a IE small box with two numbers: "0522554720" and "039188720". i want the ability to press on this numbers with my mouse to activate another script.

#include <IE.au3>
#include <string.au3>
#include <file.au3>
$file=_filecreate ("c:\erez.htm")
$file1=fileopen ("c:\erez.htm",1)
$filechange=_FileWriteToLine("c:\erez.htm",1, "customer number: 0522554720", 1)
$filechange=_filewriteToLine("c:\erez.htm",2, "<p> phone number: 039188720 </p>",1)
FileClose ($file1)
$oIE = _IECreate ("c:\erez.htm",0,0)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE, "height", 250)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE, "addressbar",0)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE, "contenteditable",0)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE, "left",0)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE, "menubar",1)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE, "statusbar",0)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE, "toolbar",0)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE, "top",0)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE, "width",25)
_IEAction ($oIE,"visible")

here is the script waiting for paramteres from the first one: (the first script by pressing on one of the numbers should activate this script providing the number itself like: c:\clicktodial 0522554720 (if pressed on 0522554720).

$d=WinGetHandle ("Avaya IP Softphone")
ControlSend ($d,"",32795,$part1)
ControlClick ($d,"",354,"left",1,194,11)

appritiate your help. thanks,

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