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Script will not complete if computer is locked?

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I have searched the forums, but cannot seem to find the answer. If the answer is located somewhere, please point me to the appropiate forum/post.

I am trying to run the following code as a scheduled task when my pc is locked. I am running XP Pro on a 2k network. The script is flawless when my pc is unlocked. The script will open Crystal Reports, but will not proceed when locked? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


My Code:

#cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

AutoIt Version:

Created: 1.9.2008

Last Modified: 1.9.2008

Script Function:

Open the 1stlnres.rpt enter the current date range between eight hour period, connect to the DB, and save the results with the report.

#ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

; Script Start

Run("C:\Program Files\Crystal Decisions\Crystal Reports 10\crw32.exe") ;execute crystal reports 10

Sleep(10000) ;Pause 10 seconds for cryatal to load

Send("!fo") ;send alt-f-o to open the report

Send("C:\Crystal\1stlnres.rpt{Enter}") ;enters the location of the report sends enter command

WinWaitActive("Crystal Reports - [1stlnres.rpt]") ;wait for report to open

Send("!fv") ;send "alt-f-v" to preview the report

WinWaitActive("Enter Parameter Values") ;wait for date range parameters window

Sleep(2000) ;pause 2 seconds for parameters window to open

Send("@MDAY/@MON/@YEAR{Tab}8:00:00 AM{Tab}") ;sends the current date at 8:00 AM

Send("@MDAY/@MON/@YEAR{Tab 3}5:00:00 PM{Enter}") ;sends the current date at 5:00 PM

WinWaitActive("OLE DB (ADO)") ;wait for database connection screen

Send("+{Tab}sqlusr{Tab}passwd") ;tabs up to the DB username field then tabs to the DB password field

Send("{Tab 5}{Enter 1}") ;tabs 5 times to the finish button and enters

Sleep(10000) ;pause 10 seconds allows connection to the database to load

WinWaitActive("Crystal Reports - [1stlnres.rpt]") ;wait for report screen to load

Send("!fw") ;sends alt-f-w to save data with report

Sleep(2000) ;pause 2 seconds for menu to close otherwise will pause script

Send("!fa") ;sends alt-f-a to save as...

WinWaitActive("Save As") ;wait for save as... screen to open

; Send("\\serverprod\CrystalReports\1stlnres.rpt{Enter}") ;sends the location of the file and file name to be saved as

Send("\\servertest\1stlnres.rpt{Enter}") ;sends the test location of the file and file name to be saved as

Sleep(2000) ;pause 2 seconds otherwise script will pause


Sleep(2000) ;pause 2 seconds otherwise script will pause

WinWaitActive("Save As") ;wait for save as screen asking to replace the document

Send("{Tab}{Enter}") ;sends tab and enter to confirm yes to repalce the document

WinActivate("Crystal Reports - [1stlnres.rpt]") ;makes the report screen active

winclose("Crystal Reports - [1stlnres.rpt]") ;close crystal reports window

;Script End

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