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1D and 2D array editor module,

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this is a tool to edit 1D and 2D arrays in a listview.

The script can be used like an UDF, just include it and use one of the edit functions.

There are no global variables used, so there will be no problems with variables in your script.

The two edit functions are named _ArrayEdt1D() for 1D, and _ArrayEdt2D for 2D arrays.

The picture shows the edit functionality available:


So, it can be used as a module for your scripts. Maybe as testing tool while you write

an au3 script, to be able to see and influence array variables.

To test, copy the three files into a directory and start _ArrayEdt1D.au3 or _ArrayEdt2D.au3:

ArrayEdt.au3 .............. include file

_ArrayEdt1D.au3 ........ test script for 1D arrays

_ArrayEdt2D.au3 ........ test script for 2D arrays




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I can't believe this little huckleberry went so long without a response. My last search took me way back to the archives and I found this right above "Enlarged Tanks for Atari Combat". If you're still alive, thanks alot!

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