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Java Problem

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Hello all,

Having a small problem with the correct object name,

$oForm = _IEGetObjByName ($oIE, "Reuters Utilities")

returns - IE.au3 Warning from function _IEGetObjByName, $_IEStatus_NoMatch

Here is the html source

<table id="pubapps" cellspacing="0" border="0"><tr><td valign="top"><a onclick="return SelectFolder('\\Reuters Utilities');" href="java script:"><img alt="Reuters Utilities" width="32" height="32" src="/media/folder.gif" /><br />Reuters Utilities</a></td><td valign="top"><a onclick="return SelectApp('NFuse_Application=Citrix.MPS.App.PRODUCTION.3000 Xtra 501&amp;amp;NFuse_AppFriendlyNameURLENcoded=3000 Xtra 501');" href="java script:"><img src="icons.aspx?id=MGCJKJAIDKGIIAKDKJBEEJJMHNBDJNPH" alt="3000 Xtra 501" title="3000 Xtra 501" width="32" height="32" /><br />3000 Xtra 501</a></td></tr></table>

I want to be able to use _IEAction to click the Reuters Utilities or the 3000 Xtra 501 links

can anyone point me in the right direction?


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