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Simple GUI to execute a commandline command

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G'day everyone

There is a saying "All good things come to those who wait", but in the programming world, all good things come to those who don't wait but try and try and try again until they succeed. Well, I just can't seem to succeed with AutoIt's GUI. Therefore I'm asking if the following has already been coded into a script which I can simply modify.

I need a dialog with several option fields, a "Browse" widget and an OK (and Cancel) button. When the user presses OK, the script runs a commandline command. I need this to reduce typing very long commandline options.

For example, a typical commandline command may be:

perl.exe myscript.pl --option1=foo --option2=bar -i this.txt -o that.txt /somemoreoptions

Typing this can be tedious, and there is always the chance of a typing error.

So what I'd like is that when I launch the script, it gives the user a dialog that contains just a few widgets (including two or three "Browse" widgets so that the user can eg select the input file and outputfile), and an OK button to execute the commandline. The options would be dropdown lists with, say, --option1=abc, --option1=def, --option1=ghi etc so that the user can just select the correct one with his mouse.

Obviously the options in the dropdown lists would be hardcoded into the script (or I can change it so that the values are taken from an INI file, but that's details).

Do you know of a simple example script that contains this sort of thing more or less?



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Get your self a copy of Koda, included as the sticky in this forum, or in SciTe. Then create your GUI with what you want. We will be able to guide you... :)

Thanks, Bert... but I can't find Koda. I find SciTe (the biggest version I could find) but I can't see Koda in it, and on the Koda site I get AutoEd, but no Koda. Do you perhaps have a direct download link for me?

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You can also download it http://www.autoitscript.com/fileman/users/lookfar/formdesign.html

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