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Can this program do what I need it to?

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hey there everyone. First off I would like to thank anyone for the time they are about to take to read this and any response they might provide me. I have no problem doing to work on this, but before I try and learn a whole new program I would like to make sure from the experts that this program does have the ability to do the job I need it to do.

Ok. I'm a police officer and kinda the tech geek for the department. I need to find a way to make it so that an officer can be filling out a report, say in excel or another program with fill in fields - and they need to be able to hit a hot key or something and a dialoge box pops up that they can enter a bit of information (drivers license number, license plate) and the program can take that information, go to a seperate program that should be already open, mouse click on a certain part of the screen to send, enter the information in a certain field, hit a funtion key a couple times after a small time delay, and then cut and paste the return information from that program back to the excel sheet.

Now my question is, can that be done with this program? if so, where should I start looking and I'll find a way to do it. If not, does any one have any ideas of another program or resource that would do it?

Ok thanks again for your time. Let me know if anyone has any questions or if I left anything out.

Joel Holt

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It sounds like it can be made.

Things to look at:


GuiCreate + all other Gui related things



or if you want to try and do it while minimized


Thats somewhere to start

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Yes, Autoit can do what you are asking for :D

Look for the commands:





All in the Autoit helpfile. It will be where you can find most of the information you will need.

Honestly, Without the helpfile, programming in this language will be 100X more difficult, but with the helpfile, you are provided with examples and the necessary syntax for the command you are trying to execute.

I sound like a walking billboard :P

Edit: Somebody beat me to posting ;)

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