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If you are interested in a numerical converter, check out the following link or download, unzip and run the zip file posted below:


Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

I have really enjoyed developing this program thanks to AutoIt's easy scripting language and the help of many from these forums.

Suggestions, new features, and any other feedback is welcome and encouraged. Posted Image

Edited: Modified Attachment to reflect New Release

Edit: Removed the attached file. For the latest version, visit above link.

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I wouldnt have a use for it unless I saw the functions.


I used many functions from the help files and from the forums. For example, the conversion from decimal to any base can be found here http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...4838entry4838

To convert from any base back to decimal, you use the same kind of logic, in reverse.

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Please take a look at the new release (see original post above for attachment or link). I have added multiple language support.

Also, if anyone would like to add or update a translation, I would greatly appreciate it. I will also add your name to the webpage and help file.

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Guest Py7|-|[]/\/

Best program I have seen and used in a while. Excellent work. I love your help file and how professional it is. You have my vote for president in 2008.

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