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Text Twist auto player

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For anyone that's ever heard of it, I wrote this to play text twist. A lot of people at my work play, and I thought it would be fun to write something to play for me.

It probably won't work for some people since the coordinates may be off. I tried firefox and it didn't work (If you subtract 2 from all x values, and 4 from all y values, it should work. Atleast, on my firefox...). So, if it doesn't work for you, sorry. You can try adjusting the coordinates, delete Letters.txt, uncomment the Test hotkey and use it to record your own values for each letter. It's not very pretty codewise, so if anyone wants to clean it up, go nuts. I've had my fun with it at work, and chances are good I'll never look at this again.

How I get it started:

1. Start the script.

2. In Internet Explorer, go to: http://get.games.yahoo.com/proddesc?gamekey=texttwist

3. Click on Play Web Game. It will open text twist in a new window. This way is important to get the coordinates correct. Don't resize the window.

4. Click start

5. Press one of the letters given in the grey circles, then press enter. You need to make sure it is accepting keyboard input. If not, try clicking on one of the letters, then pressing enter.

Once it is accepting keyboard input, press F4 to start the script, or whatever you set the cheat hotkey too. It'll get 100k points in a few minutes. Leave it running for a few hours and it'll rake up millions..

It occasionally misses a word. If you find it misses one and want to add it, just pop open sort.txt and add it in the proper place.




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