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GUICtrlCreateInput Style Trouble Left Align Text

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Hi hi, i had a look through the styles which are available but i'm unable to simply, after CtrlSetData()! on the Input ctrl, have the text display from the begining left hand side. In my work the begining title of the product which is entered in this field is more important then the end, for example:

$text = CAB-OT Super Turbo Charger



CAB-OT Su |per Turbo Charger|

but im trying to get:


|CAB-OT Super T|urbo Charger

just like the following which works on labels, but without nowordwrap


is this possible? any help appreciated, thank you!

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thanks siao, this is sort of a half solution to what i need. but i dont wish to disable horizontal scrolling.

i might try controlsend "Home" to each input cell.

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