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Use NTFS Encrypt / Decrypt with easy!

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To see encrypted files in a different color check Explorer window -> Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> Show encrypted or compressed ntfs files in color.

$sFileName = 'C:\text.txt'

$a = DllCall('ADVAPI32','short',"EncryptFileA",'String',$sFilename)
If $a[0] <> 0 Then MsgBox(0,'','Check if the file is Encrypted!')
;$a[0] is 0 in case of problems   
$a = DllCall('ADVAPI32','short',"DecryptFileA",'String',$sFilename,'long',0)
If $a[0] <> 0 Then MsgBox(0,'','Now it should not be anymore.')

Of course it works only in W2k kernels in NTFS drives. If you can't know where your script will be executed.

Remember, the return value of the pos [0] will be a non zero if success a zero if unsuccess.

If applied to a existing folder it just set that NEW files will be encrypted. So you'll have to cript every file with loop. If needed check the Larry's (or the mine)_FileSearch func.

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