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Using Imagelisy for button bitmap

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I'm creating buttons for use on a form using GUICtrlCreateButton.

I already have an imagelist for a toolbar. I would like to use an image from the imagelist as a bitmap for the form button. Does anyone know of a method to do this??

Many thanks,


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I think you're better off creating separate imagelists for your buttons, either with 1 image, or 6 (5 used) for each state. You can copy needed images from your toolbar imagelist, if you want. GuiImageList UDF has all the necessary functions for that. And then assign the list to a button with $BCM_SETIMAGELIST message.

Because from what I gather, $BM_SETIMAGE doesn't work too well if you want to have text+image, nor does it work too well with Modern GUI themes... nor did it work too well with image handles taken from imagelist, at least for me.

If you need example, see this thread http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...CM_SETIMAGELIST

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