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Outlook Automation/Control Help

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I am currently trying to automate an application and could do with some advice. I'm trying to use a control similar to that used on Outlook 2003 on the side (fig1), and it'll be easier for me to use Outlook as an example.

When using the "Window Info" tool it identifies the control, but does not identify any of the (what appear to be) buttons. It does not even see any of the text.

Basically I am currently using code somewhat similar to the example below:

ControlFocus($titleMain, "", "[CLASS:NetUIHWND; INSTANCE:1]") ;focus on LHS control
ControlClick($titleMain, "", "[CLASS:NetUIHWND; INSTANCE:1]", "Left", 1, 60, 505) ;click '' button

I focus on the control, then 'click' using the 'control click' co-ordinates from the Info tool. I have looked at another tool (Ranorex/RanorexSpy), which identifies these buttons individually as 'elements' (fig2 ). What we are hoping to achieve is to be able to 'click' on controls without relying on mouse co-ordinates as these will vary depending on window state, screen resolution etc. I don't know if this is possible with AutoIt, I haven't found anything so far but htought I'd ask. Also if this post is in the wrong place, then if you could shift it please admins :D


Fig1: Posted Image

Fig2: Posted Image

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