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Run as System with sc.exe

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Hello all,

I'm trying to install an autoitscrip executable as an service.

The current install line i'm using would be:

Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & "sc create MyService binpath= """ & @ScriptFullPath & " /start"" type= share type= interact start= auto", "", @SW_HIDE)

When i'm trying to start the service, it would be visible in my systemtray.

But in the services list the status is "Starting..." (dutch OS, so it's a guess).

And after 30 seconds, the program closes. The windows log says that the program did not responsed.

Is there a way to fix this?



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shouldn't this part :

binpath= """ & @ScriptFullPath & " /start""


binpath= """ & @ScriptFullPath & """ /start

And you have twice a "Type=". shouldn;t that be one of the 2 ?


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the /start command line would be used for the command line for the autoit script.

Example: C:\test.exe /start

And the type must be added twice:

More info: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/251192/en

It installs succesfull, but the services think that the program does not work, and shutdown the application after 30 seconds. (timeout). The program work without any problem in that 30 seconds. But that it closes.

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already discussed

for running an exe as service, it must fill some contraints to run.

you can'to do this with autoit exe.

but you can use srvany.exe. it will do the job well.

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