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Can We Do Aritmetic With the Result of TimerInit()

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The result of TImerInit() is supposed to be millisecond. So i guess it is possible to add/minus value to it. But is this property guaranteed by the development team? Would it be changed in the future to some internal format?

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TimerInit() returns the number of milliseconds from last system boot. TimerDiff() does the same but substracts the previous amount. Voila! A reliable metric to measure time difference. I don't see why this would change.

Heres an example:

$milliseconds = TimerDiff(0)
$years = Int($milliseconds / 31536000000)
$remainMS = Mod($milliseconds, 31536000000)
$days = Int($remainMS / 86400000)
$remainMS = Mod($milliseconds, 86400000)
$hours = Int($remainMS / 3600000)
$remainMS = Mod($milliseconds, 3600000)
$minutes = Int($remainMS / 60000)
$remainMS = Mod($milliseconds, 60000)
$seconds = Int($remainMS / 1000)
$remainMS = Mod($milliseconds, 1000)

MsgBox(0,"Time since last boot","Years: " & $years & @CRLF & "Days: " & $days & @CRLF & "Hours: " & $hours & @CRLF & "Minutes: " & $minutes & @CRLF & "Seconds: " & $seconds & @CRLF & "Milliseconds: " & Int($remainMS))
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