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Just wrote this script earlier today. Nothin' special, just copies MP3 files to a given directory or drive. Since it uses the M3U format, which is basically just a list of files (one per line), you could


  • uses M3U format, which is pretty widely supported
  • can be controlled via command line (see below)
  • progress dialog, so you can see how much has been copied
  • doesn't suck badly

Command-line usage is pretty simple; just specify the playlist file, then the directory to copy to. Example:

autosync.au3 example.m3u musica

If you don't use the command line, it'll use standard Windows dialogs to ask for the playlist location and directory/drive to copy to. In either case, AutoIt's built-in progress dialog is used to display progress. I might add a GUI, but no promises.

Please report any bugs or feature requests here.



Bill W. | aka equallyskilledWindows XP MCE | AutoIt v3.2.10.0My Scripts: RBTray | SyncM3U.au3

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