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Help Auto Update Script for PC Cillin 2007

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Need help how to create an auto update for PC Cillin 2007.

I'm doing some testing in Trend Micro PC Cillin 2007 and I'm trying to automate my test.

Problem is I can't get to automate the update of PC Cillin 2007.

Posted Image

My Sample code can be seen below.

First I try to run PCCMain.exe to enable the GUI, but the first issue happen. Once the application run the focus will move to the background.

I'm having problem to get the focus on the application.

Second I'm trying to get the Handle ID by using WinGetHandle or ControlGetHandle, but is seems that it doesn't work 100%.

I've tested it using WinGetText and sometimes the result will be a blank dialog box.

Hope someone out there can help me how to do this.

$title = "Trend Micro"
Run ("C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Internet Security 2007\pccmain.exe")
$handle = ControlGetHandle($title, "", "")
$hId = WinGetHandle($title)
Sleep (3000)
MsgBox (0,"",WinGetText($hId))
MsgBox (0,"",WinGetClassList($hId))

MsgBox (0,"",WinGetText($handle ))
MsgBox (0,"",WinGetClassList($handle ))

ControlClick($title, "", "[CLASS:Button; TEXT:&Update Now; INSTANCE:1]")

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