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All GUI positioning the same

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I'm surprised there isn't a simple and clear defined way of doing this, and even built into the guicreate function as a default or option....unless I'm totally missing it.

I want that when I "open"/show the new gui and hide the old one, the new one shows in the exact place of the old one. As I have it, if I open the GUI on the left of the screen and move it to the right, and then click the button to SWITCH the GUIs(NOT reopen it), the new GUI opens up on the left of the screen instead of the right where the previous GUI was last seen.

Now I know about ini read and write on exit for positioning and stuff...as a matter of fact that's how I have my positioning set up to begin with, and I also have an idea of putting the GUI in a function and using wingetpos for this particular situation. But I would like to do this without putting the GUIs inside functions. Is that possible?


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