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Breaking out of Process when run a 'sub' program

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Apologies for the unclear title, but I couldn't figure out how to explain it.

I have an app that I wrote in AutoIT that monitors network connections. A new function I am adding to it, allows the execution of a certain program when a specific network connection is detected, eg a VPN connection. Essentially when the condition is met, the program executes a Run(xxx) command. In my case, for testing, the Run Command opens Outlook.

Now this all works well, if I start the program as the using Windows Explorer and double clicking it. The program executed using the Run Command uses the credentials of the logged in user.

But my problem is the program is started as a service (using the local service account) using XYNTService. So when network condition type is met, the program is executed, but under the context of Local System Account. In this case, Outlook starts but prompts to to create a profile (using System as the default!!). This is my problem.

Using Process Explorer, this is the process tree for my application. The program that NetSentry runs when the condition is met falls under the main NetSentry.exe Process.

When starting as a service the program runs under the winlogon process. When started manually as the user, it runs under the Windows Explorer Process.

Obviously I do not have a way to knowing each user's password, so was wondering if there was a way that I could write the run command in AutoIT to start a program so that starts under the context of the current user or under the Windows Explorer process.

All my users have local Administrator rights to their machines, if that helps in any way!

Thanks for your valued input.

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