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(boring) licensing issues

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I have recently started using autoit, and have found it to be very useful (especially the AutoItX part). I want to include it, as well as an application I plan to write it with inside a software distribution I am developing. However, I'm not sure about the licensing issues that could occur with this. I couldn't find the license, other than autoit being freeware (its probably in a really obviously spot though :P).

1. Is it okay to redistribute the autoit compiler exes and related files in my own software package? I won't be renaming them or pretending that I wrote them.

2. What about having a program that depends on the AutoItX.dll file, and can load plugins that use the functionality of the dll file?

3. Is distributing language interfaces with the dll file ok (eg a python interface).

I just want to get this straight before I start writing heaps of stuff with autoit :D

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Did you open the Helpfile : C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\AutoItX\AutoItX.chm ?

Second item in the TOC :P

*sigh* I searched the website, made numerous forum searches, but didn't think to check the helpfile :D

Anyway, from what I could tell it is okay to do all the things I mentioned. So thanks for the (obvious) hint ;)

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