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Thank you for your previous help,

I am looking to search for a specific file, Notes.exe, then use the containing folder to direct a setup executable,

Correct me if I am wrong, or there is a better way,

I first need to find the file,

Set the containing folder to a variable,

then use the variable to input, redirect, yadda yadda


thanx again all!!

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Yes, Yes, Yes,

The "group" and I use that term loosely... has installed notes, where ever there was room, and I have plenty of places to look.

obviously they wouldn't install on CDrom drives, but I am sure there is atleast c: and d: but the possibilities there are others is still out there. As we are dealing with a user group with Newbies through developers, so the door is wide open on this one.

Larry, I used the scriptdir command, and it works real nice... just a note...

so, how do I skin this one? I am thinking my last list of operations over and prolly need to preface all of it with a drive search, list then search..

and what if I find 2???

I am forcing the install to the C:partition. and trying to get the group to support repartitioning anything, with a single drive into a single partition.

I even see the need to estimate diskspace... AHhhhhh!!!

What is your professional opinion??

Thanks again...


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could you explain, Sorry, for the stupidity, just like to understand the syntax..

RunWait,%comspec% /c dir notes.exe /b /s > ~temp.txt, c:\\, hide

Runwait, is obvious, %comspec%, ?? and the switch /C, are these together? and what is the dosvariable? comspec? (am I right, that comspec is a DOS variable)..

I understand I think the rest... DIR Notes.exe /b /s (list the contents of and...) >(Redirect output to)... ~temp.txt, (in the directory of) C:\\, (you used 2 '\' because in reality you need only one but need to signify that it isn't a special character...), hide, you are going to hide the CMD window.. ( oooh is compsec the dosvariable to execute CMD??

FileReadLine,var,c:\\~temp.txt,1 (readline, and call that line var...)

StringLen,len,var (Ahh, just read this one, your getting a numerical value for the # of char's in the variable, var...)

IfEqual,len,0,Goto,error (Now this one makes sence.... But I will need to make an Error: section.... or just rename it to my error selections....

StringTrimRight,var,var,9 (since var is still a variable we can use it else where..)

;trim off the length of NOTES.EXE

MsgBox,4096,I found it in,%var% just for relaying the information onto the screen, I will reuse the trimmed variable to enter into an ini file with the IniWrite command...

Kewl I think I am comming along with this....

Sorry for the run through, just want to be able to understand what I am doing, as I am sure there will be many more of these..... and don't want to have to ask toooo many questions....


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Very nice,

I also have found another avenue

;Reading Registry...



Msgbox,0,Example, Datapath is %datapath%----- And your NotesPath is %path%


My only need now would be to re-design the autoit script to send these variables...

Wow, I am liking this more and more....

Thanks again for all your help...

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