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hmm i dont even know what to post

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okay look basically when you are on poker stars in the free roll they used to have it to where when it was full some one dropped you could hit the register button then a second box pops up this is the buy in box it Usually says free okay now you leave this box up until the registration button pops back up then you hit enter n your in well i wanted to automate this process Now i pretty much have it done but when i finished it they decided to be asses n when the buy in box comes up the register button dissapears but some times pops up okay what i need to know how to do is search for the same pixel in 2 spots at once now i cant search the whole screen because there is player info buttons that have thew same pixel so it would mistake it unless i can set the button such as in window info it says poker stars instance 7 etc i don't know how to go about doing it......... im so lost as you probably are about now but if you can help just need more accurate info then just post ill see what i can come up with

Here is the code i have right now

$T = InputBox("What tournament number", "????????")

$G = InputBox("What account?","what account you logged in under??")
winmove("Tournament " & $T & " Lobby","",0,0);the first pixelsearch area

WinMove("PokerStars Lobby - Logged in as " & $G,"",0,86); Moves a diffrent window with the same buttion to this position 1 of the
;pixel searches I dont have this one set to pixel search at need a little help


while 1 
$C = PixelSearch(74,470,243,507,0x171613) 
If IsArray($C) Then;if pixel found then do this, Else keep lookin for the Pixel 

WinMove("Tournament Registration","",0,0)

While 1
$D = PixelSearch(74,470,243,507,0x171613);need to search for this pixel in more then 1 place at the same time without searching the screen
If IsArray($D) Then


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