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Run ("AIM.exe /paremeters?") or commands..

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How would I go about giving a command to AIM (instant message program) from AutoIt? I can do this in batch files, but not to sure how to do it in AutoIt... For example, in batch files, it would be something like


start aim:goim?screename=screenamehere&message=messagehere

So how could I do something like this in AutoIt??

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Ok, thank you CyberSlug, except now...I got this:

Run(@ComSpec & " /c start aim:goim?screename=Test&message=Test", "", @SW_HIDE)

It works and all, except for a little thing, two little things actually:

1: It brings up the AIM IM Window, but it doesn't type in the Screename, or the message...How come?

2: Is there a way to make the message=$variable&screename=$variable2 ????? Because if I can't then my program goes down the drain =/

Thanks for the help = D

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I wonder if the help file would explain how to concatenate string literals and variables... nah, probably not, thats not something people would do in virtually every script they write.

Edit: Typo (Fixed).

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Layer after some research this is what I came up with (BTW This took some extensive testing (1 hour) just to figure out how to make it accept the variables.

$screenname = "A screenname here"
$message = "This is a total test please work"

If StringInStr($screenname, " ") Then
   $screenname = StringReplace($screenname, " ", "+", 0, 0)
If StringInStr($message, " ") Then
   $message = StringReplace($message, " ", "+", 0, 0)

Run(@ComSpec & ' /c start aim:goim?screenname=' & '"' & $screenname & '&message=' & $message, '',@SW_HIDE)

The reason I replace all spaces with +'s is because that is how it is recommended. It also allows you not to have to mess with the quotation as much.

If you notice right in the middle of the run statement I had to put a '"' before the screenname. Putting that in is the only way I have found to make the variables work.

Let me know if you have any questions,


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