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Help! Read this Please

Guest choc0outk4st

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Guest choc0outk4st

Erm, I had just overheard of this program when I was playing in maple, I was curious so i checked this site out... Be it the interface or how to use this program, I am still really new to it... I just wanna ask if anyone knows how to bot in maple ... Hehe, thanks for reading.. I hope that you may provide me with assistance to how to use autoit to bot in maple ~_~ I'm really hopeless when it comes to c++ or gui... I simply dun understand them... PLease reply if you know anything regarding botting..

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First of all, this is NOT the section for your to ask for help !

Please LOOK CAREFULLY at the top of this forum.... it says

" This is not a general support forum!"

Second of all, I you really keen to know how to write a script for the maple

bot (or whatever), you need to read the HELPFILE in order to know how to

use this script language ! It has NOTHING to do with C++, as it has already

been simplified to "BASIC" language look-a-like method.

Last but not least, please READ before POST ! I think you are NOT the only

one who posted here without READING !

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Why not start with the Help file. Alot of time and effort went

into getting the help file to the state it is in and it would be

a dis-service to all who helped compile the information contained

to not read through the functions and try out the hundreds of examples

that are included within. Simply copy the examples

to .au3 files and run them. Then you can open the .au3 files up

to see how the commands work. I bet more that half of the questions

posted on the board could be answered in this way if the help file

was visited more often.

Thats my humble opinion anyhoo

We have enough youth. How about a fountain of SMART?

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