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InetGet problems with vista.

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I wrote a program that does webpage stuff and recently a vista user was telling me it wasn't working.

So I found it was failing at a inetget call. What happens is this, the program downloads webpages and reinserts html or checks data and does other things.

So when they start this program it will read a certain webpage but it requires them to be logged into this webpage before using it. Thats not the problem.

What happens is I want it to download a certain webpage but its download another webpage as if they havent logged in. I want to download the: help.php page but i get the login.php when I use the inetget function.

Some of my program just uses the _INetGetSource UDF but in some cases I actually do download the source to a file for some data mining.

Has anyone had this type of problem or what should I do to fix or what? Im pretty much stuck because i would expect it to either not work, or work but its doing it... but not right.

The guy is logged into the webpage properly, I made the program use the getproperty location and it shows that the browser is valid, and that its directed at hte right page, but its still getting the wrong source. So im think im gonna try using more temp source calls but if those fail... i dont know?

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