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Need Advice on how to confront this idea.

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I need a script that will do differant levels of things.

1st. You will be able to program in a pattern, on the fly. Like for example, you program in a square, by moving your object in a square, then the script will constantly go in that square. Kind of like a AutoIt v3 Script Writer/Recorder.

Example: Press "-" button to start recording pattern1.

Move in a pattern you wish, press "-" a secound time to stop pattern1.

Press "*" to then start repeating pattern (in reverse).

Now the "master" Patern has been made.

2nd. While going in said master pattern, constantly scan surroundings for objects.

If an object is found.

Move off of pattern (but record the fact yoru moving off pattern--basically buy creating a new pattern).

Go to object.

Once at object pause do action 3 which would just be a big switch case, at the end of said action the object will no longer exists, so you need to turn around go back to start of pattern2 (back at master pattern) and fix your angle so your exactly back in pattern with the master.



ehh hopefullly this all made sense. Here is a visual picture kind of I drew out. I'm no artist though... Example

Remember though the Master Pattern is not defined as a square...in this example the user just happened to create a square as his master Pattern.

Could this be done just useing keystrokes ? As in not having to read memory to find locations etc?

I've seen examples of recorders, but never dynamic recorders that let you act upon the recordings and then do other things...but return to the recording.

If someone could give me some ideas on how you would address that I'd be greatful.

Maybe this has been addressed in the past, I did a search but maybe i am not searching for the right things?

Thanks for any info!

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Maybe if you could let us know exactly why you are wanting something like this (which from the sounds of it would take quite a while to code), and maybe we can come up with another or better way to get what you want done.


AutoIt Links

File-String Hash Plugin Updated! 04-02-2008 Plugins have been discontinued. I just found out.

ComputerGetInfo UDF's Updated! 11-23-2006

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Sorry... my example picture i forgot to put in the URL. ....

Posted Image

After looking at picture does it make more sense what I want to do or am I communicating poorly?

Here is more simple way to put it (i think):

Make a Recorder that can dynamically move outside of the recording, but once the dynamic part is finished, it will return back to the last place it was in the recording.

In the above picture the "Master Pattern" is the recording. Anytime it is doing somthing outside of the recording it's more dynamic. Like when it goes off to objects. But then it needs to return to the last place it was in the recording once the dynamic part is finished.


Part after this is not needed: it's just me going on in my mind... This part maybe can make this issue confused.

Then I guess you could even get more complicated and do offshoots of the minnor parts as well. This could be bad though--you could end up going off too far from the "Master" pattern, if too many dynamic results happened.....tho it would make it very interesting because it would make it seem very realistic compared to just Master-> Minor. Maybe make a maxium # of dynamic pattern nodes you will go down...then always do random # of them before returning back to the Master Patern.

Instead of just:

Master Pattern-> Minnor Pattern -> Event ->Master Pattern (Loop).

you would have:

Master Pattern-> Minnor Pattern -> Event -> Minnor Pattern tier2->Event->Minnor Pattern tier3->event->Master Pattern.

The amount of Tiers possible would depend on a random # entered by the user and which would be a dice roll at every : Master pattern event.


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Can you dynamically turn any recorder on and off? Inside of a script?


Script starts.

Press "A" on keyboard: turn on recorder.

Press "A" on keyboard: end recording.

Press "B" on keyboard: start doing what you recorded and only then while in the recording do the AdlibEnable stuff.

AdlibEnable can take you out and let you back in.



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::Ducking:: as this one goes riiiight over my head


We have enough youth. How about a fountain of SMART?

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