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Set date in Listview

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If $Online > 0 Then
                                INIWrite("C:\buddies.ini", "OnlineBuddies", $buddyname, IniRead("C:\buddies.ini", "OnlineBuddies", $buddyname, "") & $text & ","); Writes the buddy's name and table to the ini
                                GUICtrlSetData($nListview, "|" & "|" & _NowDate()) ; here im trying to set the date next to a listview item under a column
                                GUICtrlSetImage($nListview, "shell32.dll", -138)
                                GUICtrlSetImage($items, "shell32.dll", -110)

Trying to set it next to a listview item in the column to the right of it.

While Alive() {
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How do I set the date next to a listview item, in the next column?

I assume you want to know how to set the text in the next column after the listview has been created, because I think you can work out the date.

In GuiListView.au3 the function you need is as below and used as shown

_GUICtrlListView_SetItemText(GUICtrlGetHandle($ListView), $Zero_Based_Item, "Text for column 1|21st Jan 2008", -1)

From Help = itemtext separated with Opt("GUIDataSeparatorChar",...)

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