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Setting Image Problem

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I have a script that searches an external app for names that it gets from an .ini file.

If my .ini looks like this:


Then it would first search for word0 in the external app and if his status is online it would set a certain image.

If he was offline it would set another image.

Now, the problem I'm having is if the first buddy is offline but the second buddy is online it will set the online image to both buddies. What's my problem?

For $i = 1 To $buddiesSearch[0]
                            ControlSetText("Find Player", "", "Edit1", "")
                            ControlSend("Find Player", "", $Edit, $buddiesSearch[$i] & "{Enter}"); Searches for each individual player
                            $buddyname = ControlGetText("Find Player", "", 1001)
                            ControlClick("Find Player", "", 261); clicks remove player button
                            $ListBox = ControlGetHandle ( "Find Player", "", "ListBox1" )
                            $count = _GUICtrlListCount($ListBox)
                            If $count < 1 Then $count = 1; correct count so our For loop goes one time, no matter user is off/online
                        For $a = 0 To $count - 1
                            $text = _GUICtrlListGetText($ListBox, $a); Gets the tables/items
                            If $text = -1 Then
                                $text = "Offline"
                            $text = StringReplace($text, "-", "|")
                            $Online = _GUICtrlListCount($ListBox)
                            If $Online > 0 Then; If buddy is online then set online image and ini write
                                INIWrite("C:\buddies.ini", "OnlineBuddies", $buddyname, IniRead("C:\buddies.ini", "OnlineBuddies", $buddyname, "") & $text & ","); Writes the buddy's name and table to the ini
                                GUICtrlSetImage($nListview, "shell32.dll", -138)
                            Else; If he's offline set offline image
                                GUICtrlSetImage($items, "shell32.dll", -110)
                            ControlSetText("Find Player", "", "Edit1", "")

While Alive() {
AutoIt Programmer

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