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Internet Explorer_TridentCmboBx problems

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I am trying to automate a web page in IE. The web page opens a modal dialog window that is populated with Javascript/AJAX. In that modal dialog I have two "Internet Explorer_TridentCmboBx" controls. I want to read the options in these TridentCmboBx controls and select a value. However, I am having problems. So far the only commands that work with the TridentCombBx are:


ControlFocus("Rule Wizard", "", "[CLASS:Internet Explorer_TridentCmboBx; INSTANCE:2]")

ControlMove("Rule Wizard", "", "[CLASS:Internet Explorer_TridentCmboBx; INSTANCE:2]", 4, 4)

ControlCommand("Rule Wizard", "", "[CLASS:Internet Explorer_TridentCmboBx; INSTANCE:2]", "ShowDropDown")

ControlCommand("Rule Wizard", "", "[CLASS:Internet Explorer_TridentCmboBx; INSTANCE:2]", "HideDropDown")

ControlSend("Rule Wizard", "", "[CLASS:Internet Explorer_TridentCmboBx; INSTANCE:2]", "H")

ControlGetText("Rule Wizard", "", "[CLASS:Internet Explorer_TridentCmboBx; INSTANCE:2]")

ControlFocus: This will select the correct controller.

ControlMove: This will move the controller to the top corner (Fun, but useless)

ControlCommand "ShowDropDown": This will open the TridentCmboBx (drop down)

ControlCommand "HideDropDown": This will close/hide the TridentCmboBx

ControlSend: This will send it the "H". This will cause it to select the fist item starting with an H.

ControlGetText: This always returns '???'

The "FindString", "SelectString", "SetCurrentSelection" commands don't do anything. Ironically, these are the only ones that I need to work.

Has anyone ran into this? Do you have a fix?

I should also note that I am running these commands in a ruby script using 'autoit = WIN32OLE.new("AutoItX3.Control") '

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yes, in fact , in the func ControlCommand() , sonme commands such as "SelectString" can only affect normal "Combo" or "listbox" but may not work to "ComboLBox"...

Good luck

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