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How to calculate the height of Combo-Lists for Windows 2000

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I just read the following FAQ topic:

Q17. Why doesn't my combobox (GUICtrlCreateCombo) show a dropdown list when clicked?

A1. When using GUICtrlCreateCombo be sure to enter the desired height for your combobox list in the "height" parameter. Windows XP automatically selects an appropriate height for combo boxes, but other versions of Windows usually do not.

CODE: AutoIt$combo = GUICtrlCreateCombo("",10,10,200,20)

would be correctly changed to

CODE: AutoIt$combo = GUICtrlCreateCombo("",10,10,200,200)

One question: The height obviously depends on the number of list entries AND on the font used, but are there other things (frame border, margin from border to active text, ...) to take into account? Is there an easy way to do the same calculation (WinXP does automatically) inside my script?

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