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ControlGetText with c# datagrid

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I'm a newbie in using AutoItv3.

I tried autoitv3 with c++ Apps and it work perfect.

Now I want use autoitv3 with c# Apps and ControlGetText don't work with c# datagrid.

the control is for exemple:


any ideas


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OK, the answer is pretty simple. It can't be done with autoit that I know of. If you really want the text in the box, look into some .net control stuff from vb or C++.net. Otherwise .net controls are completely foreign to autoit since they were built from the ground up and have no realation to the "normal" controls in windows.

Can any more experienced person back me up on this? I am pretty sure this is the case, but I would be happy to accept any other information.

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The windows controls have standards that they must follow in order to be a windows control, but .net controls pretty much throw the rulebooks out the window, and have a new set of rules. I could imagine that it still might be possible to get the text, but you would have to do some imaginative work with DllCall to do it.

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