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AutoIt and Python/Tkinter/Pmw

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Using AutoIt with Python/Tkinter/Pmw


I am trying to use AutoIt with Python, Tkinter and Pmw in windows. When I use the Auto Win Info it does identifies widgets correctly on the screen. There is basically only one class TkChild for all widgets. Widgets are distinguished by instance number. I tired to sent click to the widgets using various variations of the Control Click command, but none would work. Here are examples:

ControlClick("tk", "", "[Class:TkChild; Instance:31]", "left", 2)

ControlClick("tk", "", "[CLASSNN:TkChild31]")

ControlClick("[TITLE:tk; CLASS:TkTopLevel]", "", "[CLASSNN:TkChild31]")

This method works fine (with proper class and instance names) with window application or even Qt application for windows. But I can not get it to work with python/tkinter application under windows.

Any suggestion how to get this to work?

Thank you,


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