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How PixelSearch really works?

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I saw once a script using PixelSearch that work with GameGuard (most recent). In many

forums about windows programing, scripting, bots, etc, people say that GetPixel, GetDC,

etc, are hooked by GG. So, we cannot use these functions in the Game client area (well,

we can, but it will not work).

But, this script is WORKING!!! It, first, unfocus the game windows (activating the System

Tray Window) and then calling PixelSearch.

I tried to simulate this behavior in VC++ 6, but it DOES NOT work... I tried in many ways,

unfocusing windows game, focusing system tray, focusing desktop, etc etc etc. Nothing


So, I ask: How PixelSearch really works?

Thank you in advance.

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It Searches For A Pixel :D

Edit: if you really want to know...ask Jos or Jon...or some devoploer

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Stop doing that. Post if you have something useful, don't pass it on to someone else.

PixelSearch, I can only assume, grabs the screen device context then uses graphic functions to read bitmap data (a set of pixels) and looks for the matching color value.

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