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a dllcall problem

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IN a dll there is a function SHPCreateSimpleObject as below. I want to use DLLCALL function of autoit to use it. In it the "SHPObject" is a struct.

SHPObject SHPAPI_CALL1(*) SHPCreateSimpleObject( int nSHPType, int nVertices, double * padfX, double * padfY, double * padfZ )

I have written a UTF file as below.

Func _SHPCreateSimpleObject($nSHPType, $nVertices, $padfX, $padfY, $padfZ)

Return DllCall($ShapeDll, "ptr", "SHPCreateSimpleObject", "int", $nSHPType, "int", $nVertices, "double*", $padfX, _

"double*", $padfY, "double*", $padfZ)


But my define function is wrong that I don't know the reason.

Please help me to make it! Thanks!

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