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Compare Sounds

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Hello all.

I was wondering if any of you guys can help me do the following:

- I need to know when my system is playing a certain sound file (wav).

The option to check last file access is not possible to use, just so that is said.

What I need is a script that can compare all "streaming" sounds currently playing on my computer,

against the sound / music from a choosen soundfile (sound recognizion).

I need some actions to happen when this sound is playing (note: there can be other background sounds at the same time).

This action needs to happen fast, so the faster the script can figure out if it's "my selected wav" that is playing, the better.

I don't know if it's possible to have another script that will tell you some kind of "signature" of a sound file and then put this "signature" in the

script that will run in loop and check current sounds.

I have no idea if this is possible at all, but I would get damn happy if someone managed to do this.

Thank you in advance! :D

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Have a look at md5 udf's

Thanks but how is that going to help me :D

Checksums you can use to check that 2 files are equal (original), I need to check the sound that is "streaming".

Since I need to compare a sound that is coming out of my speakers against the original sound file.

Meaning i want to know when this sound is played on my computer.

I have no idea how to, but maybe by checking the active sound(s) frequency or something.

Problem is I dont even know where to start :P

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I remember a soundwave UDF around somewhere that could help you... Try searching for it... If I find it, I will come back and post a link.

EDIT: Here is the link to the "Audio Spectrascope" that I was talking about.

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Missed the "streaming" part. Ok your looking at some sort of audio fingerprinting. Maybe this, looks like there some GNU stuff and maybe some dll's that be used by AutoIt

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