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@Username.filetype syntax problem

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I'm trying to duplicate the following DOS command

certutil -importPFX -p "" c:\%username%.pfx

I can't figure out how to write that I want a specific file type (.pfx) for the logged on user, @UserName.

I've tried a lot of things that don't work. For example:

Run('certutil -importPFX -p c:\' & @UserName ".pfx")

Run('certutil -importPFX -p c:\' & @UserName & ".pfx")

Run('certutil -importPFX -p c:\' & @UserName & .pfx)

I've chanted, ranted, and raved at the script but that hasn't helped either.

A little direction if you please.

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Run(@Comspec & ' /c certutil -importPFX -p c:\' & @UserName & '.pfx')


Great. I'd have never done this. Thanks. I can build from here. \

Thank you,

Now back to my attempt at certutil -restorekey

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