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the kick inside

problem using com with vb strings

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Sorry this maybe a bit of noob question but I am bashing my head against a brick wall

com object (written in vb6) has an event i am trying to deal with

vb event handler works fine:-

Private Sub MessageReceived(ByVal T As Integer, M As String, F As Integer)




End Sub

autoit implementation

func MessageReceived($t,$m,$f)





its called it runs the $t and the Sf variables are correct but the $m one has garbage in it (what should bea string "1" is null null null null null hr 159 null null, "3" "looks about the same!

I presume its because a string is being passed but i jsut cant seem o get my head round what I'm missing!

Someone tell me what a idiot I am being please!

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Its not called at all...in those terms. its part of an addin for an application.

its an event handler to a pre defined vb6 object.

It attaches to a application (object) once the application receives a message it causes the event to run which in turn causes the function to run, the call the n passes the $m into the function, its ab6 application and the variable being passed is a string.

The vb6 code is just the same and it all works, its called, the other two variables populate correctly but the string doesn't - much to my bemusement!

the full code is

$WithEvents = ObjCreate("capsvr40.CapServerLib")

$CapConnector = ObjCreate("capsvr40.capconnect")

$CaptureIT = $CapConnector.CapServerLib


while 1=1



func MessageReceived($t,$m,$f)





not elegant (it was till i started simplifying it to try and find the issue!) btu tit works apart from this $m not receiving the string but garbage

many thanks for the interest

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