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Need help for Click Script

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Hi , I'm very new to this program and been trying for at least 2hours and cant seem to make it work .... im trying to make a autoit to go in an internet page ( already opened) and click on a coordinate then wait 8 seconds and click another point .. then continue like this ... like a bot ... i don't know if someone could help me with this .. i could paste what I've got if someone needs or want ...

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Func ControlClick("Facebook | Fight Club - Mozilla Firefox", "", "[CLASS:Button; TEXT:Fight; INSTANCE:2]")[, button [, clicks [, 521 [, 287 ]]]] )

Opt("MouseClickDelay", 8000) ;8000 milliseconds

ControlClick("Facebook | Fight Club - Mozilla Firefox", "", "[CLASS:Button; TEXT:Fight!; INSTANCE:2]")[, button [, clicks [, 546 [, 99 ]]]] )


I really dont know how to do it xD

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While you can send keys/clicks to Firefox, most more complex interaction can't be done. However IE does allow us to script to it very nicely. For more advanced things you might check in the help file for the functions starting with _IE

Beyond that your example seems to be copies out of the help file.

------ControlClick ( "title", "text", controlID [, button [, clicks [, x [, y ]]]] )------

The called function is Controlclick(). Anything in the [] brackets indicates and optional parameter.

ie: Controlclick('WindowTitle","Text in the window", controlID, left,1,545,65)


Controlclick('Windowtitle','',controlID) everything else is optional

Personally I've never had luck in Firefox with Controlclick. I've had to use Mouseclick. But the much better way is to use the IE functions and accept IE as the browser for this usage.

Waiting 8 seconds is simply :


Hope this helps.

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