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StringReplace for all files

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Once again, I need your help.

I would like to know how to StringReplace all my xml files in folder1 to folder2. I have a code that works with a single file, I need this for all my xml files 100s of them, the example bellow works fine with a single file.



$INFILE = "W:\web\old_xml_folder\file1.xml"

$OUTFILE = "W:\web\new_xml_folder\file1.xml"



$DATA = StringReplace($DATA, "", "")





Thanks in advance

:) Driss

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Just take your script and wrap it in a FileFindNextFile() loop.

Check the helpfile for an example...

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You are definitely going to need a couple of loops or so...

Check help file like JdeB said, also is it absolutely imperative that you change that IP number and is it the same on all of them?


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hi again,

I had this script from a while back, and I used it to change printers ip addresses from a logon script, and I thouth I could use same method to change my xml files. I looked at the help file and searched this forum for example, but Still no clue. Can you please help with an example of how to use filefindfirst and filefindnext with I am trying to do.

Yes all xml files have same ip address that needs to change to the new ip.

Thank you guys


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Here we are. This should solve your problem. As you can see as destination I just set the original name + a '.dest' .

This is because I didn't wanted to play with strings, you should be able to modify as needed anyway.

I removed the handles since I think it is not important if you do only an action (reading/writing) because it does not improve speed.

Dim $C

$INFILE = _FileSearch("W:\web\old_xml_folder\*.xml", 5)

For $C = 1 To $INFILE[0]
   $DATA = FileRead($INFILE[$C], FileGetSize($INFILE[$C]))
   $DATA = StringReplace($DATA, "", "")
   FileWrite($OUTFILE, $DATA)

Func _FileSearch($sIstr, $iSF)
  ; $iSF can sum up.
  ; $iSF = 4 means don't return also folders, only files.
  ; $iSF = 2 means stop at the first found.
  ; $iSF = 1 means looking in subfolders.
  ; An array is returned with the full path of all files found. The pos [0] keeps the number of elements.
   Local $sIstr, $iSF, $sCriteria, $sBuffer, $iH, $iH2, $sCS, $sCF, $sCF2, $sCP, $sFP, $sOutPut = '', $aNull[1]
   $sCP = StringLeft($sIstr, StringInStr($sIstr, '\', 0, -1))
   If $sCP = '' Then $sCP = @WorkingDir & '\'
   $sCriteria = StringTrimLeft($sIstr, StringInStr($sIstr, '\', 0, -1))
   If $sCriteria = '' Then $sCriteria = '*.*'
  ;To begin we seek in the starting path.
   $sCS = FileFindFirstFile($sCP & $sCriteria)
   While $sCS <> - 1
      $sCF = FileFindNextFile($sCS)
      If @error Then
      If $sCF = '.' Or $sCF = '..' Then ContinueLoop
      If Not (BitAND($iSF, 4) And StringInStr(FileGetAttrib($sCP & $sCF), 'd')) Then
         $sOutPut = $sOutPut & $sCP & $sCF & @LF
         If BitAND($iSF, 2) Then ExitLoop
  ;And after, if needed, in the rest of the folders.
   If (BitAND($iSF, 2) Or BitAND($iSF, 3) And $sOutPut = '') Or (BitAND($iSF, 1) And Not BitAND($iSF, 2)) Then
      $sBuffer = @CR & $sCP & '*' & @LF;The buffer is set for keeping the given path plus a *.
         $sCS = StringTrimLeft(StringLeft($sBuffer, StringInStr($sBuffer, @LF, 0, 1) - 1), 1);current search.
         $sCP = StringLeft($sCS, StringInStr($sCS, '\', 0, -1));Current search path.
         $iH = FileFindFirstFile($sCS)
         While $iH <> - 1
            $sCF = FileFindNextFile($iH)
            If @error Then
            If $sCF = '.' Or $sCF = '..' Then ContinueLoop
            If StringInStr(FileGetAttrib($sCP & $sCF), 'd') Then
               $sBuffer = @CR & $sCP & $sCF & '\*' & @LF & $sBuffer;Every folder found is added in the begin of buffer
               $sFP = $sCP & $sCF & '\';                            for future search
               $iH2 = FileFindFirstFile($sFP & $sCriteria);         and checked with the criteria.
               While $iH2 <> - 1
                  $sCF2 = FileFindNextFile($iH2)
                  If @error Then
                  If $sCF2 = '.' Or $sCF2 = '..' Then ContinueLoop
                  If Not (BitAND($iSF, 4) And StringInStr(FileGetAttrib($sFP & $sCF2), 'd')) Then
                     $sOutPut = $sOutPut & $sFP & $sCF2 & @LF;Found items are put in the Output.
                     If BitAND($iSF, 2) Then
                        ExitLoop 3
         $sBuffer = StringReplace($sBuffer, @CR & $sCS & @LF, '')
      Until $sBuffer = ''
   If $sOutPut = '' Then
      $aNull[0] = 0
      Return $aNull
      Return StringSplit(StringTrimRight($sOutPut, 1), @LF)
EndFunc  ;==>_FileSearch
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