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Acquiring data from Flash

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I am exploring methods to get input data from a Flash Application (Projector) into AutoIT in some fashion. I am experimenting with having the Projector write the input data into a text file or something similar that I can have AutoIT read, but I am having problems with Flash.

My alternative appears to be using the shared object. Is there any methods or functions made so far that can read data out of the Flash Shared Object?

My quest is pretty simple. This is the work flow:

-- with Flash ---

1. An input box where the user types in a serial number.

2. Flash stores the serial number (in some way) that AutoIT app can read.

-- with AutoIT app ---

3. reads the serial number out of a file and adds it as a var.

4. searches a network drive for serial_number.xml

5. copies the located file to scriptsrc folder

6. makes msg box saying ok to continue Flash app

-- with Flash ---

7. Loads XML data into Projector

So my issue isn't with the beginning or end of the program, but making Flash and AutoIT talk to each other.

Any suggestions?

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