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NomadMemory. HELP ME PLZ

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Hey guys,

I play this game, Conquer Online, and I am trying to read my health.

I use this code,

#include <nomadmemory.au3>
msgbox(0,"CurrentHP",$CurrentHP)oÝ÷ ØZ½æ¥²kçm+ºÚ"µÍÚ[ÛYH  ÛÛXYY[[ÜK]LÉÝÂÌÍÔQTØÙÜÑ^ÝÊ   ][ÝÐÛÛ]Y^I][ÝÊBÌÍÒQWÓY[[ÜSÜ[    ÌÍÔQ
    ][ÝÐÝ[   ][ÝË  ÌÍÐÝ[

When it goes to _MemoryOpen, the return value is always 0. Why is this???

Please help me.

Ive attached nomadmemory.au3 if something is wrong inside that.



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The _MemoryOpen() function returns an array with a DLL handle in [0] and the process handle in [1]. If you don't know what that means...

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