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Error in calc, 1 Line example

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if (4.02 - 4 <> 3.02 - 3) Then ConsoleWrite("4.02 - 4 = " & (4.02 - 4) )

I think it i dont need to say anything more.

how can 4.02 - 4 <> 0.02?

Post you comments.

Respect, Linux

@moderator, I couldn post this in bug section. if you fell like this belongs there, pls move it

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Why? Shouln'd be 0.02?

It is, within the tolerance of a Double Word Floating Point number. You have the correct answer to within the tolerance of that number format. If it bothers you, round it to one less decimal place:

$a = 4.02 - 4
ConsoleWrite("Debug:  $a = " & $a & @LF)
$a = Round($a, 14)
ConsoleWrite("Debug:  $a = " & $a & @LF)
$b = 3.02 - 3
ConsoleWrite("Debug:  $b = " & $b & @LF)


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