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open address in IE bar, better way?

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Sound stupid but see this


Send(@ScriptDir & "/test.html")


is there a faster way?

(when you run this , you see slowly that the address bar is filling up, this can faster?)

I need to load a url in IE, so i will past the url in the address bar after that an enter.

I need this because the script must running after the page is loaded, i need to do some extra things in my script after the pages is showing.





i found this way


ClipPut(@ScriptDir & "/test.html")



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Try this:

ControlSetText ("about:blank - Microsoft Internet Explorer", "", "Edit1", @ScriptDir & "/test.html")
ControlClick ("about:blank - Microsoft Internet Explorer", "", "ToolbarWindow322") ;Press Go Button

Change windows title text parameter with yours... :)

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