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How to ignore some words while reaidng strings from an object

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first of all, i'm sorry if my english is not well enough for you to understand, as i'm not from the US.

now, here is my question - please take a look at the following picture.

Posted Image

is there a way to ignore the "Your API Key is: "? i just want to have the 12345-abcd :D

currently, i use this piece of code to get the text from the object, but it only gets the whole line :P

$result = ControlGetText("API","", "WindowsForms10.EDIT.app.0.378734a1")

i hope you can help me with this, thanks in advance for trying ;)

edit: oops, can't fix the "reading" typo in the topic title

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thanks so much, i got it to work now, exactly what i was looking for!

$API = ControlGetText ("API","", "WindowsForms10.EDIT.app.0.378734a1")
$result = StringTrimLeft($var, 17)

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