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Windows Confirm File Replace! Annoyance!

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ok, so i especially get this problem with sorting my many mp3s out. Say im dragging 1k of mp3s over network to my root music directory. 50% of these songs ive already got. So i get the message,

Title: Confirm File Replace

This folder already contrains a file named 'blah blah'

Yes | Yes to All | No | Cancel

wtf wheres "No to All"?? its so annoying! I usually end up sitting their for 10 minutes holding down 'N'. I should probably go straight to google to search for a solution for this secret extra button but i thought id post here first. I dont think anyone has managed to tweak this window as far as i know. Any ideas on how could perminatly hack the window in xp? (personnaly this is way outa my level, but i'd like to know if its possible) cheerss!

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