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_StringEncrypt... Please Help O:

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Ok When I Use...

#Include <String.au3>

$Encrypt = _StringEncrypt (1, 500 , "John2006" ,3) 

$Decrypt = _StringEncrypt (0, 500 , $Encrypt ,3)

FileWriteLine ( "Decrypt.txt" , $Decrypt )

I Get This In Decrypt.txt...


If Any One Can Could They Please Tell Me What I'm Doing Wrong.. And Give Me And Example Thanks In Advance!! :D

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You don't have the right parameters.

#include <String.au3>

_StringEncrypt ( $i_Encrypt, $s_EncryptText, $s_EncryptPassword [, $i_EncryptLevel ] )

$i_Encrypt 1 to encrypt, 0 to decrypt.

$s_EncryptText Text to encrypt/decrypt.

$s_EncryptPassword Password to encrypt/decrypt with.

$i_EncryptLevel Optional: Level to encrypt/decrypt. Default = 1

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