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How do i write my own include file?

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Ok, i want to create my own UDF which encrypts text in a stupid manner (e.g. replace the character "a" or "A" with "penguin")

Things i want to know:

1. How do i pass variables to an included file (#include <StupidEncryption.au3> -- My UDF)

2. How do i get my included file to read these variables then do it's thing

3. How do i return the new text? (do i use Return?)

Also, i want the syntax to be like this

$StupidEncryptionText = Confubulate ( $ConfubText , 1 (encrypt) or 0 (decrypt) )
GUICtrlSetData ( $MyEditControl , $StupidEncryptionText )

I've been searching the whole site for documentation on it (well a teenagers excuse for searching anyway :D) and can't seem to find any :P

Brownie points for whoever can help me ;)

Edited by SxyfrG

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